Whatcom Museum

250 Flora Street
Bellingham, WA 98225


Neighborhood: Lettered Streets

Whatcom Museum Schedule and Tickets

Mar 20 12:00 PM Washington Remembers WWII
Mar 21 12:00 PM Washington Remembers WWII
Mar 21 7:00 PM Travelogue: Just Keep Spinning
Mar 22 12:00 PM Washington Remembers WWII
Mar 23 12:00 PM Washington Remembers WWII
Mar 24 12:00 PM Washington Remembers WWII
Mar 24 12:30 PM Old City Hall History Tour
Mar 24 1:30 PM Audubon at the Museum
Mar 26 7:00 PM Audubon: Vancouver Avian Research Ctr
Mar 27 12:00 PM Washington Remembers WWII
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City/neighborhood: Bellingham

Hours: Noon-5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday


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Set in the city's towering, Victorian former city hall with a sweeping view of Bellingham Bay, this impressive art and historical museum is actually a complex of sites along Prospect Street. The Main Building houses art and history exhibits, contemporary art, permanent displays of Victorian clothing, woodworking tools and toys, and a watch museum full of Victorian clocks. The ARCO Exhibit Building handles major changing exhibits of contemporary art; the Syre Education Building displays Northwest Coast and Inuit collections, as well as Victorian period rooms, logging exhibits and natural-history collections. The nearby Children's Museum (the only space to charge an admission of $2.50) is the place for hands-on activities.

With shows of major masters, including works by Willem De Kooning, Jackson Pollack and Andy Warhol, and a recent donation of works by contemporary masters John Cage, Francesco Clemente, Jasper Johns and Kiyoshi Saito, the museum is strong in contemporary art. Many exhibits explore issues of identity, race, ethnicity and popular culture through mixed media and sculptural works. Northwest and contemporary Native American works are also a staple. Programs include: after-hours arts nights, readings, slide and artist lectures and exhibit-related family activity days.

By Paysha Stockton
Special to NWsource