TBHS Dance Team Fall Fundraiser


Aug 10 - Mar 27, 2020

2800 Southwest 320th Street
Federal Way, WA 98023 Map

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The TBHS Dance Team is gearing up for another season and preparing to produce choreography that will impress fans on a whole new level! As they stretch, strengthen, technical train, and spend hours creating and perfecting new choreography, they are also in need of a bit of outside help! Dance, unlike most High School sports, full fills all three sports seasons and even continues into the summer! The amount of time and dedication that the TBHS dancers commit to perfecting their craft is impressive beyond measures. Not only is dance unique because of the extended season, but being apart of the program also requires an elevated financial obligation. Shoes, performance gear,choreographer fees, and travel costs, are just a few examples of the many more mandatory expenses that the team must budget for in a season. The more intricate and elaborate the performances get the higher the needs are of funds. Participation fees can get as high as $1,200/ dancer even with trying to stay on the low end of expenses, which, is mountains above the financial obligations of athletes for other High School sports Programs. For the TBHS Dancers, dance is not only a special privilege, but also a dream, a home, a meditation place, a focus guider of education, and ultimately a happy place. No dancer should be restricted from their positive outlet to express themselves and demonstrate their creativity due to the lack of funds. YOU can help to make sure that NO DANCER gets left behind. So please, no donation is too little or too big. EVERYTHING helps, and we are gracious of it all. We would like to thank those that choose to donate in advance! We'd also like to post special thank you's to those that support the fundraiser. If you do not mind us sending a special thank you for your donation please be sure to leave your name and permission, and stop by our social media to see our special thanks to you!

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