Women's EmPOWERment Virtual Summit: Moving Confident Women Forward!


Jun 10, 2020 – 8:30 AM - 8:30 PM

Online from Seattle
Seattle, WA 98109 Map

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Women Leaders... Trail Blazers... Business Owners... Dreamers... Game Changers... Problem Solvers... Decision Makers... Doers... Join Us!

Step into leadership, unlock your full potential, and learn how to attract what you need to succeed in business, leadership, love, life and health.

This virtual event unites women to share and exchange individual experiences; encourage women to widen their network; to do business with each other; and increase their access to powerful information.

This powerful day-long event will equip you with the skills and relationships you need to take charge of your life, balance health and life, leaving you inspired, refreshed and discovering your main purpose!

Dynamic speakers deliver powerful information and mentoring to ignite passion and cutting-edge thinking to help women answer their deepest calling to make a difference while at the same time they experience financial freedom - moving confident women forward.

No matter your career, your position, the size of your business or status in life, all women are encouraged to participate. If you're...
* Unemployed
* Under-employed
* Under-earning
* On the move to success
* Re-making your life
* Wanting to make a difference in the world
* Wanting to live out your authentic purpose
* Desire have an authentic community of support
* Wanting to achieve financial stability
* Wanting to be empowered
* Men welcomed too!

You will gain the skills and relationships you need and take charge of your life. You will learn to balance health and life
*Be inspired, refreshed and discover a passionate purpose here
*Develop leadership skills to improve your performance
*Accelerate your career to the next level
*Examine fresh ideas
*Build trusted networks
*Ignite passion to help you start or run small business
*Develop your sales and negotiation skills
*Learn 10 things women are taking action on to empower women around the world

Website: http://www.womensempowermentmarketplace.com/
Email: askbettina@gmail.com
Phone: 206-349-4297

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$17 All-day Inclusive Virtual Admission Day Pass to Summit; $50 for 30 Seconds on the Open Mic (1 All-day Pass); $100 for 60 Seconds on the Open Mic (2 All-day Passes); Exhibitor $787 (5 All-day Passes, plus 60 Seconds on Open Mic).